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Sabbath Moment Verses

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

My husband was recently asked what his favorite scripture verse was and he said he couldn’t pick just one.   I imagine this is true of a lot of people who have come to love the voice, nuance and passion of the Word of God.  We have all turned to scripture at various moments in our lives in order to find peace, wisdom, discernment or prove a point. 

There are those passages that we hear oft-repeated at rituals and rites of passage that take us right back to the time and place where we heard them.   Most of us who have been to a memorial service have heard Psalm 23 offered as a scripture of comfort and 1 Corinthians 13.4-7 is a staple in many wedding ceremonies.  Some people create their own version of a red-letter Bible by underlining passages that have a deep meaning for them.

Without getting into the inerrancy argument, there is a dynamic quality to the Bible that speaks to each generation with truths and certainties that leave no doubt in the reader’s mind. 

I have my favorite verses and have to agree with my husband that it is hard to pick just one.  I love Psalm 23 not so much as a psalm about death but a psalm about life and God’s abiding presence.  Reading 2 Timothy 1.7 gives me courage and strength to carry on.  Philippians 4.4-9 are verses that inspire me and make me want to live a better life.  Luke 24.32 about hearts burning within when Jesus revealed the scriptures to the grieving men on the road to Emmaus reminds me how much I love the scriptures and how many heart burns within, too.  And Deuteronomy 30.19 describes God as a life-giving God calling me to choose life each day.  And Jeremiah 31.31, Ecclesiastes 3.1ff, John 3.16, Luke 2.19, 1 John 4.7 and, and, and…well you get the point. There are so many key verses in my life that I turn to over and over.

What about you?   Do you have a favorite? Or, are you like me with many favorites? 

This week for your Sabbath Moments spend time reading and reflecting on a favorite verse or passage of your own.  Let God speak to you through the Word, or let the Word take you to the time and place you need to revisit, or find a new verse that lights up your heart and makes it burn within you with love and joy.

“Sing them over again to me, wonderful words of life”  Philip P. Bliss

“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.”  Isaiah 40.8

Happy Reading,



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