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Sabbath Moments and The Sabbath Habit

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

IMG_1861  Doesn’t this sculpture remind you of summer and being a kid?  I love this sculpture.  How wonderful to have nothing to do but to explore, discover and to ride on the back of a turtle!

Summer may be the best time to get into the Sabbath habit because the weather lulls us into a more leisurely way of living.  If we are smart, we take time to smell the roses, drink the iced tea and walk the beach before the season leaves us for another year. 

Sabbath is also a time, if we are smart, when we take time to refresh ourselves from a week of work and rest from our labors.  And Sabbath Moments are those little breaks in the day that we can call upon God and rest our stress, weariness or worries in God’s arms. 

Last week I wrote about how crazy busy I was and that my Sabbath Moments came on the run or not at all relying only on what spiritual energy I had stored up from other Sabbath Moments.  This week I found that no matter how hard I tried to get back into the routine and less than crazy busyness of my life, I could not. 

I was exhausted and my spirit and my body were not willing to go any further until I rested.  Of course, being the slow learner that I am I ignored what my body and spirit were telling me and tried to catch up on everything I let go last week.  That little voice in my head kept telling me to keep going, push on and get something done.  

And nothing happened.  I was unproductive on a large-scale. 

Now, this made me frustrated so instead of resting I tried harder.  (You know I write this stuff for my own sake and not because I have it mastered, don’t you?)  Finally, on Wednesday I listened to my body and spirit and shut the mind down.     I took many, many Sabbath Moments on Thursday and I found my energy restored and my rhythm came back to me. 

Listening to my body and spirit is something that I must continually remind myself to do.   Our bodies give us wonderful signals that we are in need of rest. We all listen when we get sick but why does it take that to get our attention? I should have known something was up with my body when my chiropractor suggested I return to see him again on Friday after my Wednesday visit!    Our spirits sigh in exasperation as we ignore the nudges and signs that are anything but subtle.  Those dreams of getting massages and having my hair done were not just wishful thinking.  They were my spirit telling me to take some time to reconnect with my deepest self. 

And God, well God, must be so incredibly patient as I too often ignore the call and command to drink deeply from God’s word and keep the Sabbath.

How about you?  Are you Sabbath-challenged like I am from time to time?  I do know I am learning, if slowly, and rest does a body and soul good.     And the most amazing thing is that God is there waiting for me when I stop and seek out the One who breathes life into my weary bones. 

“I’ll breathe my life into you and you’ll live.  Then I’ll lead you straight back to your land and you’ll realize that I am God.” Ezekiel 357.14  (The Message)



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