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From Sabbath Moments to Sabbath Days

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

This week I have had the very unusual opportunity to have two days with no responsibilities.  And I used them to do only things that bring me rest, joy and space to be creative.  Now, some of you may think what’s the big deal? Believe me this is a HUGE deal for me. I am one of those people who teaches best what she most needs to learn.  Taking a full 24 hours for downtime and not for errands or chores in the midst of a regular week is not my MO.  Taking two 24 hour days to do that is unheard of unless I am on vacation or sick.  

One day was by choice and one was a surprise.  One was a weekend day where I just decided to shut down and be engaged in a full Sabbath.  The other was a weekday that caught me off guard and almost threw me into a panic because it wasn’t planned out.  Then, I realized I didn’t have to plan it out.  All I needed to do was enjoy it and by the end of it I had experienced a second Sabbath in the same week.


There is no doubt that taking Sabbath Moments to be with God keeps me connected in my busy life every day.  And, they are no substitute for a full 24 hour Sabbath in the rest, refreshment and renewal of God’s gift to us. 

So here is my challenge to you Sabbath Seekers:  Take a 24 hour Sabbath rest this week or at least by the end of the month.  Establish a habit of one a month – more if you can.  I know it may take some creative scheduling on your part but it will be well worth it.  Jesus often took a day to go off alone and pray and just be with God.  If Jesus needed it and could do it, it seems that we could follow his example. 

Sabbath is a sacred time that allows for healing of the body, mind and spirit from the trauma and wounds of every day living.  Create this type of space and environment in your life and let it be a non-negotiable. 

“Therefore, God blessed the Sabbath day; he set it apart as a holy day.”  Exodus 20.11b The Message

Be blessed, be still


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