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Sabbath Moment Core

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

Well, I have had the experience of simply moving and having my back lock up.  Not fun!  I have heard others tell of this phenomenon and wondered how that could happen if they were not doing anything unusual and now I know.  It just happens. 

Well, almost.  From talking to my chiropractor and physical therapist I have learned that it ‘just happens’ when your core muscles are not as strong as they should be.  Guilty.  Now I face a few weeks of therapy and the unpleasant addition to my wardrobe of a black back brace. 

I’ve been thinking about those core muscles and how I’ve let them become weak and soft and see clearly how the same thing can happen to my spiritual core.  When I go without a daily work out of my spiritual muscles, my faith core gets weaker.  Sabbath moments are one way to keep that core strong and as with any good exercise routine the increase in intensity builds stronger muscles. 

Taking a weekly 24 hour Sabbath would definitely be an increase in intensity for me, and I wonder if God knew that we would be stretched by taking a day off to exercise our spiritual muscles.   

As I am being pushed to stretch out my back muscles and strengthen my core, I am going to stretch myself to make my Sabbath Moments a bit more strenuous by digging deeper into the scriptures, reading authors who push me and who explore faith that goes beyond the surface “I believe, therefore I am saved” statements, being aware that my opinions are not necessarily those of the Bible and  entering in a dialogue with the passages that make me look closely at how I live out the teachings of Jesus. 

How about you?  Do your core spiritual muscles need a more vigorous workout?  If so, join me in a week of going deeper and getting stronger at our core.

“In  him we live, move and have our being.”  Acts 17.28

Happy Stretching,


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