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Snuggle Time Sabbath

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

I love it when my 5-year-old granddaughter says she wants to snuggle.  What that signals is time for the fuzzy blanket, a clean thumb and another warm body near by.  And when she is under the blanket with her thumb in her mouth and Mommy or Nana next to her she relaxes completely.  You can feel the tension, the crankiness, or whatever else she is holding in her little body and soul melt away. 

She is at peace and she is happy.

So am I.

snuggleWhen was the last time you had a snuggle with another person – child or adult; or a beloved pet?  It is a time of complete of rest and refreshment. 

Part of Sabbath time can be filled with a good snuggle…maybe even a good snuggle with God.  Getting as close to God as you can and really letting yourself relax into God’s arms, peace and joy.  Some people do this with prayer or meditation.  Others with journaling.  Some go into nature and others find themselves in a beautiful sanctuary.  What works for you?

Use that place to be a snuggle time Sabbath moment for you.  

“May the peace that passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  Phil. 4.7



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