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Sabbath Naps

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

For years I have taken a Sunday afternoon nap after preaching in the morning. alphasphereThey always revitalized my energy and gave me a second wind.  My once a week nap was a treasured and protected time.  However, I never carried that idea into my week.  After all I was busy during the week.  There was no time for a nap.

However, due to some circumstances beyond my control, I’ve discovered that naps aren’t just for Sundays!  A quick 2o minute nap each afternoon is better than a shot of caffeine.  65147-stock-photo-blue-relaxation-dark-style-moody-art I’m more alert and far more productive the rest of the day. What took me so long to discover this?

All four of my energy centers benefit from my daily nap – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  I can think more clearly, feel less dragged down by what is ahead of me, function longer into the afternoon and evening and have the energy to journal, meditate or talk to God without dropping off in the middle.   

After all, Sabbath does mean to rest and so adding a Sabbath nap to your Sabbath moments throughout the week will bless you with renewed and refreshed energy levels so you can more fully engage with life and your God.

“Thereupon I awoke and looked, and my sleep was pleasant to me.”  Jeremiah 31.26




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