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Sabbath Basics

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

Let’s get back to basics this week. 

Sabbath rest is commanded by God for our benefit.  It is a command and not a suggestion.

Laboring for six days requires resting for one.  Our bodies, minds and spirits need rest to renew and replenish themselves for the next six days of labor.

Sabbath is a time of reflection on the week gone by, a time for refreshment that nourishes body and soul, a time to stop creating and enjoy the creation.  slider #2

Sabbath leads us to appreciate the more of life – as in there is more to life than a six day a week routine of work, obligations and housework. 

Sabbath is the long exhale after a week of inhaling the stressors of life.

Sabbath is possible if we make time for it and allow ourselves to be restored through rest.

relaxing-daySabbath reminds us that we are the creatures and not the Creator. 

Taking time for Sabbath just may save your life. 

Bend your will and obey the command.

Open yourself up to the possibility that Sabbath rest can be life-changing and life-enhancing.

Be still in the presence of God.



Marcia Falk

Three generations back my family had only

to light a candle and the world parted.

Today, Friday afternoon, I disconnect clocks and phones.

When night fills my house with passages,

I begin saving my life.


“Be sill and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46.10



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