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Sabbath Moments and Labor Day

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

Happy Labor Day Weekend! 

I’ve often thought it curious that a day that was supposed to be about NOT working is called Labor Day.  In the Bible it is called Sabbath and it isn’t just a day off once a year but a weekly one.  And yet, given our busy lifestyles, Sabbath might more correctly be called Labor Day than Labor Day is!

So it seems to me that on Labor Day weekend we actually get two ‘Sabbaths’ if we honor the intent of the two days. How will you spend your two days of rest from your labors?  Unfortunately, I know many people will labor on both days not giving themselves any down time or God time at all.   Don’t be one of them…

This is a weekend to spend time with family and friends.  The original Sabbath held space and time for family and friends to be together and enjoy each other.  While together they also recognized that God was part of their family as well.   Thanksgiving, blessing, rejoicing, sharing and being together in the presence of God filled their Sabbath time with a sense of peace and well-being.  It was a time to shut out the rest of the world and to remember that God was the creator, the provider and the deliverer of freedom.  At the end of Sabbath they ate something sweet that would allow the sweetness of the Sabbath to remain in them as they returned to their labors and awaited another Sabbath Day to rest.

Incorporating thanksgiving, blessing, rejoicing, sharing and being together in the presence of God this weekend could make your Labor Day/Sabbath time extraordinarily memorable and refreshing.  And at the end of it, eat something sweet to remind you that God is good and that rest time is a sweet gift.

“Taste and see the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”  Psalm 34.8

Happy Refreshing,    Nancy                                         IMG_1998


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