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Sabbath Moment Frame of Mind

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

I traveled back to Western New York this week to see friends and family and I accomplished that goal.  In the 8 days I was home I shared 11 meals with friends and family members I have not had a chance to see much of in the last 9 months.  It was great fun even if not so good for my waistline. 

And I had the wonderful opportunity to worship with my church on Sunday experiencing a rabbi leading our music portion of the service.  We sang Psalms in Hebrew, literally gathered around a table to share communion, clapped to old spirituals, and  listened as the Word of God came to life in our midst.  What a treat to use the language of the Jesus as part of our worship and to have a rabbi connecting us to the tradition of our Lord.  It was a glorious way to start my week and it felt like the Sabbath celebration continued throughout the week.

Have you ever had a week like this where the Sabbath joy just flowed from one day to the next?  I know for me it was the sharing of time, conversation and meals with people I know and love that contributed to that feeling.  And, yes, I will admit I didn’t accomplish all the tasks I wanted to get done on this trip home, but looking back I realized that those chores will always be there for me to finish.  For now it is good that the relationships that mean so much to me sustained me in a Sabbath frame of mind.

It was a gift I had not expected; and yet, isn’t that what Sabbath is?  A gift we did not expect that sustains our spirits and fills us with joy and thanksgiving that God would love us so much to provide such an opportunity each week or each day if we choose it.

“Praise our God! His deeds are wonderful, too marvelous to describe…Let every living creature praise the Lord.”

Psalm 150.2,6



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