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Sabbath Moments and Trust

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

The issue of trust has come up a couple of times in this past week.  When there is no trust or the trust is shaky or eroding, it is hard to be in a committed relationship with anyone. 

A conversation with a pastor highlighted this as he talked about the lack of trust that many parishioners have for their pastors and vice versa the lack of trust pastors have of their parishioners.  This situation certainly impedes the mission of any church.  How can positive change, impactful mission or deepening relationship develop in such an atmosphere?

The same is true in a marriage.  Far too many couples these days have dwindling trust in their relationships.  When one member of the couple is carrying all the responsibility or can’t depend on the other to step up when needed, it is a recipe for a major marriage crisis.

In my life, I have found that trust builds when people are consistent in following through or proactive in addressing problems without nagging or prodding.  And this trust comes over time.  A one time effort – trust it does not make!

Without trust a viable relationship is not possible.

Without consistent interaction with God, without ongoing participation in our own spiritual lives, and without a life history to draw from where God has been present, trust in God would be non-existent. 

Don’t get me wrong…There are times when things start to go haywire where I have questioned and even railed against God feeling that my trust may have been broken. And, yet, because of the history I have with God in my life, I come to realize that whatever has happened doesn’t destroy the trust.  The trust allows me to vent and be angry.  God will hang in there with me.  I can trust that because God always has hung in there with me even at my least lovable.  

What is your trust level at the moment?  How consistently do you trust that God will hang in there with you and that you can trust God for the outcome? 

For our Sabbath Moments this week, consider this verse for meditation, journaling and prayer:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3.5



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