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Sabbath Moments and Intentions

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

Happy New Year.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that you are greeting each new day with joy and peace.  That is my intention for the year. I want to be as precise as I can be in setting my intentions for each day.   Setting intentions also means that I do everything in my power to be what I want in my life.  Jesus said “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” and Gandhi said it a little differently but with the same result… “Become the change you wish to see”. 

If I want peace and joy in my life, then I must offer peace and joy to others and choose to be filled with peace and joy in my day-to-day interactions.  And so I have my work cut out for me because far too often I worry and fret leaving me irritable and sad and anything but peace and joy filled. 

Many of us begin the New Year with resolutions or intentions and often see them disappear from our lives before the end of the month.  We fail to keep them alive because they take too much work or time and we aren’t willing to give up, let go of or rethink our choices and our way of doing things.  

A fairly common resolution for people of faith is to spend more time with God this year.  And by mid month we are back to busy schedules, skipping church, and forgetting about our resolution.

However, if we  truly want to deepen our spiritual life and become closer to God, then we must choose to do the things that will deepen our relationship with and bring us closer to God every day. 

My granddaughter became very excited a few nights before Christmas when she saw a star in the sky.  She asked her mother about the star that shone so brightly over the manger of the baby Jesus and then concluded that they had better abandon their plans to go to dance lessons that night and instead follow that star.  iStock_000027543299XSmall

Her 5-year-old choice made me think about what I need to let go of in my life if I truly want to follow God. How about you?

  • Where do you need to abandon a plan or course of action in order to be closer to God, to follow Jesus? 
  • What do you need to let go of in order to spend the time intentionally deepening your faith? 
  • What is the change you want to see? 
  • What actions need to be intentionally started in order to achieve that change? 

Here’s to an intentional New Year filled with peace, joy and a deepening sense of God’s love and grace.

“When they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy; and going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him.  Then opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.  And being warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed to their own country by another way.”  Matthew 2.10-12



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