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Are You Like Jacob?

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

Have you taken one of those Facebook quizzes?  You know what a I mean…”What kind of house should you live in?” (cottage) or “What time of day are you?” (sunrise) or “What do people love about you?”(smile).    I have.  And often I am surprised at how accurate they are and don’t ask me how the questions I answer come up with such spot on descriptions.   online survey

However, there was one I took…”What biblical character are you most like?”  No matter how many times I retook it and checked female for my gender, it came up Jacob!  Jacob?   What in the world went wrong with this little quiz result?  I am not a trickster or am I?  I am definitely not patient  enough to wait seven years for what I want or am I?  I am pretty sure my descendants don’t spread to the ends of the earth or will they? 

The one characteristic I could definitely relate to was the one where Jacob wrestled with God.  I have certainly done my share of wrestling with God trying to get my way, demanding a blessing, wanting to know where God was in my life.  Accurate there.   And one of the areas where I wrestle with God over and over is not taking the time for a full Sabbath rest. 

??????????????????????????????I can do hand to hand combat with God’s fourth commandment and justify why I cannot possibly obey it.  And here is where I saw the connection to Jacob most clearly.  When I do wrestle with God over this command, I end up with a wound…something goes out on me.  My spirit is wrenched when I do not let myself surrender to God’s power in giving us a Sabbath commandment.

How about you?  Are you like Jacob wrestling with God over things that God really wants to give you for your own good?

Jacob’s wrestling match ended with Jacob’s ability to hang in there in the match but it also resulted in a life long injury.  Each Sabbath we wrestle with God over and prevail also results in a life long injury to our bodies, hearts and minds. 

“And God spoke to Israel in a vision at night and said, “Jacob! Jacob!”

“Here I am,” he replied.  Genesis 46.2Woman praising and enjoying golden sunset



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