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Sabbath Moments

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

I just read a blog written for pastors where the pastor was admitting that he felt guilty when he wasn’t being productive , and that he was so wrong in thinking that.  Bless his heart! 

It’s not just pastors who feel guilty when they are not producing or achieving something or making something happen.  From my experience many busy people do feel that way and they wish they didn’t. 

What this pastor and many pastors and many busy people, myself included, seem to forget is that God required us to rest, commanded us to rest…that Jesus regularly withdrew to pray and recharge his spiritual batteries.  Sabbath was created just for us busy folks.  It gives us permission to rest, to be non-productive in a non-lazy sense.  It is a time for us to ground our being in the ground of all being.  It is a time for us to stop producing with our hands and start rejoicing in what the creator’s hands have produced.

This week just STOP and BE.  No agenda, nothing to do but just BE and rejoice in the world that God created.  We can miss so much when we are trying to do too much.  Take time, make time, for you to just breathe in the Spirit of God that surrounds you.

“Step out of the traffic!  Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”  Psalm 46.10 The Message

Breath Blessings,



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