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Sabbath Brain Reset

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

It appears, according to a new study coming out of McGill University in Canada, that our brains need to have time to daydream, to be unfocused on tasks, to wander without multi-tasking and to basically have down time.

Without this down time, the brain becomes like a see-saw stuck in the up position.  And, according to this study, the amount of information we are processing every day through the internet, twitter, email, Facebook, instagram, and vine keeps our minds stuck and soon we are overloaded with information and no way to process it all. 

However, taking time to take a walk, listening to music, taking breaks, naps and even better real vacations helps the brain hit the reset button. Sharing their lives with each other In doing so, creativity is unleashed and perspective gained as the see-saw comes down. 

Obviously, taking a full Sabbath or Sabbath moments throughout your day is resetting your brain.

And here is where the wisdom of God in gifting us this 24 hours of real down time lies.  Scientists are finding that it is in the down times that we find solutions to those problems that have had us stumped at work or at home.  The creativity unleashed is the kind of creativity that brings about thinking that changes the world, discovers new cures and effects positive improvement in all environments. 

According to lead researcher, Daniel Levitin, “the time set aside for naps, contemplation and rest puts us in a powerful position to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.”   relax-for-healthSo it seems that  Sabbath time is a vehicle for solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

God is counting on us to use our God-given creative power to solve those problems…and to do so we are going to have to take the command to rest seriously with a much slower pace of life, some intentional daydreaming and a nap. 

Happy Sabbath, Happy Problem Solving!

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6.31



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