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Awe and Wonder

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

I’ve missed you!  I had a busy November traveling along the East Coast and the importance of taking Sabbath Moments became abundantly clear to me.  Driving thousands of miles allows for some alone time but not the type of time needed for meditation and reflection – obviously!

There were many adventures during this trip and one of them became a Sabbath moment to remember.

During the Thanksgiving weekend we were in Atlanta visiting my daughter and her family.  Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens presents a fabulous light extravaganza throughout their grounds.  There are twinkling stars hanging from tree branches, brightly lit snowflakes falling through the air, and in one part there is an elevated walkway that takes you through the trees sparkling with colors of all hues.  It truly is magical…as if you have walked into the pages of your favorite fairy land book.

IMG_3076My six-year-old granddaughter, Arianna, sparkled almost as much as the lights as she took in the wonder of it all for the first time.  As I glanced back over my shoulder to watch her as we entered the walkway, I witnessed her slowly turning in a circle, mouth open in a silent ‘oh my’ and her eyes hungrily trying to capture all that was around her.  It was one of those priceless moments for me.

The awe and wonder on her little face shone as bright as the lights themselves.  She was in another time and place that she had only imagined before.

And it hit me…this is the response of one who has entered into the presence of God.  Awe and wonder combined to transport us to another time and place.  The awe and wonder of Sabbath.

How often do we stop and look around us in awe and wonder at how beautiful the world is, how amazing the stars are, and how much God loves us to provide all of it for our benefit?  Not too often if I am any gauge of that.

Sabbath’s design allows us to stop and like a little six-year-old girl we can stand in awe taking it all in and offer our own version of ‘oh my’ in a prayer of gratitude.

How would your life change if you took 24 hours to immerse yourself in the awe and wonder of God’s love and creation?

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