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Google Calendar and God

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

For those of you following this blog on your own, it is a bit early.  For those of you on the email blast, it is right on time.  The reason it is being written early is because I am heading back to LeRoy this weekend and want to be able to post it before I leave.

It’s been just over 2 months since I moved to the Atlanta area and this will be the first time I’ve been home since then.  As you can imagine there are a lot of people I want to see.  And as you know there are only so many hours in a weekend.  I am being as intentional as I can be in scheduling as many visits as I can.   By the end of the weekend I hope to have made contact with a number of friends and family.  My calendar looks like a phone book at the moment.

It seems today more than ever we live by our calendars.  There are calendars on our cell phones, ipads, and computers.  Some of us still carry a paper calendar which we actually write on!  The stores sell beautiful calendars with scenes from every imaginable place in the world and every type of cute animal.  We are a time conscious and date conscious society.

When I use  Google’s calendar on my computer it sends me prompts telling me what is coming up.  It is getting harder and harder to miss appointments :).

As I looked at my rapidly filling up calendar I wasn’t dismayed at all because these are people I need to see – that I want to see.   These are people whom I miss and with whom I want to catch up.  I also know that I will have to wait until my next visit to see others.

I wondered then if I am so good at scheduling all these key relationships into my calendar, why don’t I do it with my time with God?  There are far too many days when I realize that I have literally scheduled God out rather than in by filling up my calendar with ‘important’ things to do or people to see.  Why isn’t God on my calendar in a time slot that is set aside just for God and I to catch up?

Wish I had a good reason.

How about you?  Do you schedule intentional time with God each day or is it hit or miss?  One way to make sure you have Sabbath moment time is to make an appointment with God on your calendar, Google’s, your paper calendar or wall one.  Write it in just like you would any other important appointment that you don’t want to forget.

Then, use the time to connect with God.  Have a cup of coffee or tea.  Take a walk or send a letter.  Whatever you choose to do be intentional with the time.  It belongs to you and God.  It may be the most important appointment of your day.

“Could you not keep watch with me for one hour?”  Matthew 26.40b

“Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the lake”…Mark 3.7


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