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Good Intentions

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

My summer so far has been one of good intentions.praying

I had intended to slow down.  I had intended to write and journal more.  I had intended to reflect more.  I had intended to take more sacred time.

And my good intentions were unrealized for the most part.  Instead a spent a great deal of energy decluttering my home, leading workshops and preaching, entertaining family and friends and just being busy to the point of exhaustion.exhaustedwoman on bed

Now all those things I did were great experiences, fun and necessary.  I loved every minute of it.  However, I feel myself craving the down time, the sacred time to reflect, read, journal and write.  And I mean crave…like a pregnant woman craves ice cream and pickles.

So, it is time to regroup and set a plan for August.  No more intentions.  They are too easy to ignore or bypass or justify ignoring or bypassing.  Time for action to make inaction possible.spiritual energyThe lack of sacred time connecting me with God, my soul and spirit and deeper insights then whether or not there is enough food to feed the gang is time that should not be negotiable or reduced by the tyranny of the urgent in the present moment as Steven Covey writes.

It is in this sacred time and space that new possibilities open up and the dis-ease of hurrying from one thing to another turns into renewal and respite.  How can I see what God is calling me to do and where God is leading me if I am constantly crossing things off my to do list ?????and only following the map I choose to get me from point A to point Z in my day?  It doesn’t often occur to me that God may have a different to do list for me and a vastly different territory for me to cover on any given day.

So August is my time to set aside for mulling rather than muddling, be-ing rather than doing, reflecting rather than reacting.  Not every day.  I am self aware enough to know that will never happen but at least once a week – hmmm, maybe like a Sabbath!

Funny, how the most important things in life are the things I need to keep learning.Ten Commandments

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