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Sabbath Reflection

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

This past week I have found myself doing a significant amount of reflection.  Milestones, circumstances, and events provided me an opportunity to look at my life and life in general with eyes searching for a deeper meaning and perspective. pressured person

In my normal day-to-day existence I tend to move through it checking items off my to do list at a rapid and almost rhythmic speed.  Living at warp speed does not lend itself to reflection and deeper thought.  But taking time for Sabbath does.

In order to really tune in to what is shaping my life, I need quiet time.  In order to see what God has been doing and is doing in my life, I need to stop and breathe deeply.  In order to know how to respond to what life is bringing my way, I need to simply be. relax In order to hear to what God is saying to me, I need to listen with my heart and stop the chatter in my mind.

Sabbath gives me the time to quiet myself, to breathe deeply, to be, and to listen with my heart.  For that I am grateful and I wonder why I do not do it as often as I need to.  I am beginning to realize that the more turmoil there is in my life the more I need to slow down and fill my time with quiet reflection rather than frenetic activity.  It is a lesson I continue to learn.

For me, as the reality of a 24 hour rest becomes more and more elusive, the need for Sabbath moments becomes more and more important. 

Or as Rumi, puts it: 

What I want is to leap out of this personality

And then sit apart from that leaping –

I’ve lived too long where I can be reached.

And as Proverbs puts it:

Above all else, guard your heart,

For it is the wellspring of life.



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