For the busy person who wants to stay connected to God throughout the week!


Dear Sabbath Seekers,

More and more studies are coming out that support the need for rest.  exhaustedwoman on bedAmericans, in particular, are overworking, over scheduling and over functioning to the point of exhaustion.  As a result more and more stress related illnesses are popping up and we become less productive rather than more when we work non-stop.

We were not created to work 24/7.  Matthew 224/6 is ok but not 24/7.  In fact, there is a book out by that name, 24/6 and in it the author, Dr. Matthew Sleeth, speaks about the effect of our frenetic lifestyle on our bodies, our relationships and our economy.  And it is not good.

Yet, our God, in God’s infinite wisdom gave us a day off each week to refresh, renew and rest.  If you’ve been reading this blog for even a month, you know that is the theme.  I reiterate it today because I want to put it in a bigger context.

Mortality.  Our spiritual mortality to be exact. 

Tielhard de Chardin wrote that we are not humans on a spiritual journey but spiritual beings on a human journey.  On this journey we experience both what it means to live as a human and what it means to die.  As Christians we believe our dying reunites us with our Creator; but if we are spiritual beings, then we need to be united with our God in this life as well.   How we choose to live can keep us connected to our Creator or it can move us farther and farther away.  The farther away we move, the more damage we do to our spiritual tether.

Without taking a Sabbath pause to experience the gift of resting in God’s arms, we choose to ignore our spirit’s need to be linked to its source of life.  And in doing that we begin to die in our spirits and as studies are showing in our bodies as well. 

As Andrew Wylie wrote:  “The Sabbath is the link between the paradise that has passed away and the paradise that is yet to come.”Woman praising and enjoying golden sunset

Why would we deny ourselves a taste of paradise that is offered with God’s blessing, grace and mercy each week? 

“Step out of traffic!  Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”  Psalm 46.10 The Message.




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