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Sabbath Liturgy

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

The word liturgy comes from the Greek word , leitourgi, meaning work of the people or public service.  When most of us think of liturgy we think of Sunday worship but from the meaning it could be extended to include what we do all week with our lives.  As Ann Voskamp writes, “The liturgy of our life is all the services that our lives perform – making all our moments a movement of holiness.”

Have you ever thought of your day-to-day routine as liturgy as holy movements?  Going to work on Monday morning or folding the laundry on Thursday or taking your child to piano lessons or baseball practice are all acts of liturgy…are all movements of holiness…are all moments in which we have a choice to be fully present to all around us.

Time business concept.All the moments of our lives, all 525,600 minutes in a year or 44,676,000 minutes in 85 years of an average life span, are all moments of liturgy or holiness.

How we choose to spend those moments is what makes up our work, our public service, our liturgy.  It is the moments that matter because they add to something more than the sum of the ticks on a clock.  


Savoring those moments and using them to pay attention to the world and the Creator of the world around us makes for good liturgy.  And makes for a very good life.

Again, as Ann Voskamp writes, “life is not an emergency but a gift to slow down and savor.  It glorifies God to spend your extraordinary life by paying attention enough to the moments that you enjoy God”.  what's next

Sabbath is meant to be a time to slow down and savor creation, a time to enjoy God, and a time for God to enjoy our moments of calm, peace and rest.   It also is the time that refreshes us so we can spend the rest of our moments throughout the week in a liturgical frame of mind that offers the world our greatest gift – the gift of ourselves fully present. 

“Keep my Sabbaths as holy rest days, signposts between me and you, signaling that I am God, your God.”                                               Ezekiel 20.20 The Message




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