For the busy person who wants to stay connected to God throughout the week!

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

This is the season for Breakfast with Santa.  It seems like every organization, school, church and restaurant is offering the opportunity to have breakfast with Santa.  However, most of these breakfasts consist of a lot of children and their parents having breakfast while waiting for Santa to arrive.  Maybe it should be called Breakfast While Waiting for Santa. 

And since for Christians it is also a time of waiting, not for Santa but for Jesus, maybe having breakfast with God would be a great way to spend your Sabbath Moments.  And God will be there from the start not just come in at the end.

There is a lot of precedent in the Bible where Jesus sits at table and shares a meal with people.  One writer says that in Luke there are so many meals you can almost smell the food as you turn the pages.  I would love to have been in on some of those meals to hear what they talked about.  The conversation must have been rich.  

How would you start your day if God were sitting at your breakfast table?  What are the things you would share, ask or reflect on?  How would your day be different if God were your breakfast partner? 

Create your own breakfast ritual with God for your Sabbath Moments this week and pour an extra cup of coffee.

“Zacchaeus, hurry down.  Today is my day to be a guest in your home.”

Luke 19.5 The Message



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