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Dear Sabbath Seekers,

I had the distinct privilege of experiencing my first tornado watch this week.  Fortunately, no tornado materialized here but those in Adairsville, Ga were not as fortunate.  My prayers are with those people who lost so much on Wednesday morning. 

As I sat watching the TV, which by the way had non stop weather coverage from 10 am until 7 pm Wednesday, the radar gave a detailed picture of how the storms were moving.  Whenever they detected a wind rotation an immediate tornado watch was issued.  And I must admit it lulled me into a false sense of control.  I didn’t realize how fast those rotations can develop…as you will see.

I was pretty fixated on the TV because they had been forecasting severe weather in our area between 12 and 2.  At 12:30 I was getting ready to go pick Arianna up from Pre-K and there was nothing going on in our area so I felt confident that I was clear to go pick her up.  About one mile from my apartment and still about 8 miles from her, the tornado sirens went off.  I froze for an instant…what should I do?  All morning the weather folks have been saying don’t go out and if you are in your car seek shelter immediately.  Did that apply to me?  (Honest that was exactly my thought at the time). 

So what did I do?  Kept driving.  I called my daughter to get her advice and she was on the road too.  We decided that it was best to get to our destinations if possible and I could always stop at her house on my way to school if it got bad.  She has lived through a few of these and said most of the time no tornado forms and this is just a precaution.  However, she added, you will know if it gets real black and the air feels eerie.  Yeah, right!  But again I was confident and all I wanted to do was be with Arianna. 

As I made the turn to within 1 mile of her the sky turned black, the rain was coming in sheets, the lightening was hitting fast and I imagined my car flying through the air and landing on top of a witch on a bike.   And the other part of my brain was saying loud and clear “If this is a tornado, I have to be with Ari.  I need to be with Ari.” 

Well, I made it and went into the school where the kids had been put into an inside room awaiting what we had been predicted as a 1:16 arrival.  It was 1:10.   I sat on the floor next to Ari, who acted nervous but I wasn’t sure if it was because of the unusual routine or the fact that Bobby, her ‘boy’ friend, was sitting next to her. I began to pray silently that God would protect this group of little children and spare the community while simultaneously praying that all tornadoes would dissipate and no more loss would be incurred that day. 

Suddenly, the lights went out and someone said “it’s here.”  Before I could even react the lights went back on – not because the power had been miraculously restored but because someone had leaned on the light switch!  But it was here and as we waited nothing happened.  Thank you, Jesus.  

A tremendously heavy rainstorm hit but no tornado.  After about another 10 minutes parents began taking their kids home.  Before we left, Ari and I went to the bathroom. 🙂  

All of this is to say that those thoughts of having to be with Ari reminded me of how important she is to me and how powerful the pull was to be in her presence.  It also is a great description of how we can approach our Sabbath Moments. 

Is there a powerful pull to be in God’s presence?  How often do you feel that compulsion to be with God?  Sabbath is a time for us to experience that desire to be with God and only God and to be as close as we possibly can be. 

May that force be with you everyday



Comments on: "The Urgency of Sabbath Moments" (5)

  1. Frank and Nob Ichishita said:

    Nancy, What an experience – one that you will never forget. God is with us.

    Blessings, Nob

    Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2013 14:31:18 +0000 To:

  2. My husband was on a business trip to Little Rock and had a great deal of anxiety that night that was full of sirens and tornado warnings… Where we are from a tornado warning means they have visibly seen-with human eyes- a funnel. I guess there it means that conditions are ripe with rotation but no funnel is there yet (we call that a tornado watch)… the things one learns – who knew those terms weren’t universal.

  3. Thanks, Nob. It was quite an afternoon

  4. wow that was the closest i’ve been to a real tornado experience… bless you..we know Who is in charge..fortunately we are connected…peace and love to you and yours ciao elaine

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