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A Unique Experiment

Dear Sabbath Seekers,

I was re-reading Tilden Edwards’ classic book, Sabbath Time.   He points out what we all know about the pace of today’s lifestyle.  He describes it as an “oscillation between achievement and some form of mind numbing private escape.” (Sabbath Time, p. 16, Upper Room Books, 1992). The Sabbath offers an alternative to this lifestyle by providing a unique opportunity to the world and the people who take it seriously to stop oscillating at the speed of sound and to rest.

Edwards calls it an alternative that has been “tested by scripture, tradition and the fresh movement of the Holy Spirit.” (Ibid, p. 17).  And each of us has a choice as to whether or not we will participate in this alternative.

We all know that, but what I like about Edwards’ thinking here is that he kicks it up a notch to state that we are “the experiment in the continuity of this alternative.” (Ibid, p. 17).

Think about that.  Whether or not we practice Sabbath keeping determines whether or not this alternative as prescribed by scripture continues as a viable way of life.   And from the looks or our culture and our busy way of life, we are not conducting a very successful experiment.

Sabbath truly is a lifestyle choice, albeit a hard one.   So for this week let’s kick it up a notch ourselves and conduct our own experiment.

Set aside at least 6 hours for a full Sabbath experience.  If you can do a full 24 hours go for it.  In this time use whatever ‘moments’ have worked best for you.  You may go to a park and take a walk.  You may invite friends in for good food and conversation – only remember you cannot spend your time working on the food.  You may want to sit quietly with God and listen.  You may want to explore beauty in and around you.  You may want to worship.

Whatever refreshes your Spirit and reconnects you to God is your goal for a minimum of 6 hours.  Let’s see what the results are of this unique experiment of which you are a part.




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